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The Juicy Details
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Juicy Facts

Temple Citrus Pick of the Crop
In Florida we give you some of the best citrus fruit that the world has to offer. How do we do it? Thank Florida's warm sunshine, abundant rainfall and its very special soil. Citrus colors range from shades of golden yellow to rich, deep oranges. The cooler our winter, the more brilliant orange our fruit will be. A warm winter or an early spring may cause fruit to have a light yellow-green hue. But even if you notice a greenish tint here and there, don't worry, the fruit inside is still ripe, juicy and sweet.

OrangesTake care of your Gift
We've packaged your gift of Temple Citrus' finest fruit with tender loving care, so we want you to follow just a few simple rules to keep them as fresh as possible. All orange and grapefruit ripen on the tree and are only harvested when they are as delicious as they can be. They will not ripen any further or become more orange in color. The fruit will last longer, remain firm and stay better looking when you store it in the refrigerator. Your crisper drawer is the best spot for fresh citrus. Don't put your fruit in a plastic bag or wrap. Too much moisture may spoil your citrus. But you can keep a few in a bowl, ready to eat, on your kitchen counter.

They are healthy!

A medium sized orange only has about 80 calories. A half a grapefruit has only about 70 calories. All varieties of Temple Citrus fruit are free of fat, sodium and cholesterol. A fresh Florida orange provides more than 100 percent of your daily requirement of Vitamin C and dietary fiber than any of the other top twenty most popular fruits and vegetables.

A gift from Temple Citrus to you. Please enjoy!