Delicious Citrus & Honeybell Oranges

Enjoy some of the tastiest citrus at SOUTH NAPLES CITRUS GROVE in Naples, Florida. There's no better source of fresh citrus and Honeybell oranges, than our local Family run orange grove. From our Family to Yours!

Sliced Fresh Fruit - Honeybell Oranges










Ruby Red Grapefruit

  The Ruby Red is the Gem of our grapefruit selection. The rich dark pink fruit is so sweet, you can skip the sugar!  Enjoy in salads, deserts, or all by itself!

Available: December - May



Pink Grapefruit

  Pink Grapefruit are light pink in color, the Pinks are a favorite with real grapefruit lover. The hint of tart flavor peeks Thur the fruit to add a tangy compliment to any dish!

Available: December - May




Star Red Grapefruit

  Star Red Grapefruit are heavenly with their rich dark pink in color. The popularity excels because of the low acid content. This colorful fruit sparkles as it accentuates the dullest salad or breakfast table.

Available: December - May




Honeybell also called Mineola Tangelo    Available: January - February

  This very unusual Mandarin is is known in the citrus industry as the Mineola Tangelo. However, to the general  public, it is usually called by its nickname "The Honeybell". It is a cross between a Duncan grapefruit and a Dancy tangerine resulting in its delicious tangerine flavor. The unique hybrid was created by citrus scientists in 1931 under controlled conditions, creating a fruit that was perfect in size and flavor.  Mother Nature is not always predictable, so although our flavor is perfect, there may be some variations in color and shape, and some may even have a few seeds.  The Honeybell is seedless, but if a honeybee lands on a blossom right after visiting a seeded blossom, then you'll see a few seeds.  Honeybells require tender care. They have thin skins and must be picked using clippers. This is why they are a little higher priced than most oranges.  A few seeds and a little higher price is not to much to pay for this delicious fruit that's so juicy, you'll need to eat it over the sink or use a bib!



Sugarbelle™ Orange


The Sugar Belle™  is dark orange and bell shaped, taking its best traits from both parents!! We've nurtured this crop to ensure that this carefully cultivated variety will be just as perfect as we had hoped. It has exceeded our expectations, and we are proud to offer this incredible addition to our delicious line up.

Available:  Mid December - Beginning of January

Page Orange


Our Page oranges are famous because they are very dark in color, seedless, easy to peel and loaded with flavor....all in one little orange!

Available: end November - Mid December

Florida Navels


Healthy eating, in a large, sweet, easy - to - peel package! Seedless, juicy and delicious! So many reasons why this popular choice is such a classic!

Available: End November - Mid January






Florida Juice Oranges

We grow a wide variety of juice oranges though out the season to make our special blends of fresh squeezed orange juice.  Hamlin oranges start in November and go though December. Pineapple oranges start in late December and go into January. Early Golds start in January and go into February. Mid sweets start in February and go into March. Valencia oranges start in March and go into May.

Available: November - May






Sunburst Tangerines


These little rays of sunshine burst with sweet, juicy flavor in every bite. There are a few seeds, as with every tangerine, but the easy to peel skin makes them a hit in every household.

Available: December - Part January





Temple Oranges

Temple oranges are an easy-peel orange that have a rich fragrance and unique flavor! Temples are one of Florida's Old Fashion Eating Oranges.

Available: Mid February - March





Murcott Tangerines also called Honey tangerines


Also known as the Honey Tangerine, this tangerine tastes like the name says...sweet as honey! It's rich in color and easy to peel. Great for the Kids!

Available: March - April



W-Murcott also called Easy peel tangerine

W-Murcotts are a hybrid cross between a Honey tangerine ...murcott and a old fashion Dancy tangerine. The skin falls right off which makes them easy to peel. They are considered seedless. They have a light color and very sweet and juicy.

Available: February - March




Valencia Orange


There's nothing like fresh-squeezed orange juice to start your morning. Our Valencias are worth the wait! Valencia's are the last orange of the season. They are a rich orange color. They are very sweet and have a few seeds. The Valencia's are similar to a Florida navel with a few seeds.

Available March - May




These are some of the varieties that we grow and offer at our retail store and for our gift fruit shipping!
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